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Owning your Truth with Radical Self-Acceptance

Most of my 20s I’ve been in a void, on a quest for Truth. A quest that has lead me into the depths of my heart and soul. 

I have found myself in fetal position lying on the floor, choking on my own snot, heart closed off to the world, just like I’ve found myself rising up to ecstatic highs, dancing with a huge smile on my face, with an open heart and feeling exceptionally radiant.  

What has marked my life so far has been just that: highs & lows, living on one end of the spectrum or another. 

Feeling fully alive or fully depleted, joyful or sad, in a gloomy mood or in a bright mood, intensely in my masculine energy or softening into my feminine. 

My life has felt like a pendulum, going from one extreme to the other, struggling to find that balance and peace from within, not fully satisfied on where I was.

Needless to say, I was left feeling confused, depleted, stressed and highly disconnected from my body, essence and heart. 

I later realized, as I continued deeper into my own healing journey, traveling, training, studying, observing life and myself, that there is another way of living.

One marked by Love, self-honesty and an openness to life’s ups and downs.

I was slowly letting go of fear. My fear of not having enough. Of not being enough.

I slowly started to piece myself back together to feel a sense of wholeness as I began to fully embrace all aspects of myself and of my life’s journey.

Just like we are faced with inevitable cloudy days, so to do we have to face our shadows and fears.

For if we reject a part of ourselves, we are ultimately rejecting Life.

We are saying “I want things to go my way and I want them to be perfect”. 

That, my friends, is a recipe for disappointment and stress.

The invitation comes down to radical self acceptance. 

-Self acceptance in acknowledging the ever changing nature of our emotions, of Nature, of our Lives. 

-Self-acceptance in knowing that I am doing enough and AM enough just as I am.

And as we begin to accept ourselves and shed light on our truth, we can begin to embrace change as an opportunity to further our Soul’s evolution here on Earth. 

We no longer fear those cloudy rainy days or that annoying colleague, but choose to see these circumstances as life’s gift: to test our ability to open our hearts, especially in the midst of adversity and change.

We can tune into the cycles of Life, observing Nature as a powerful guide with the changing of the seasons. 

The tree does not fear shedding its leaves. It knows it’s a necessary process to enter into the darkness of the winter months, to then bloom again come springtime. 

We begin to develop the capacity to allow all parts of yourself to be seen & expressed in a way that brings about peace reflected from the inside.

To be intuitive and receptive in your actions

To be vulnerable and open in your relationships  

To be loving towards yourself when facing hard times 

If we are to fully accept ourselves, it will require self-awareness, self-observation and honesty in our behavioral patterns that may have caused much stress and harm not only to others but also to ourselves.

Patience, compassion and willpower are our guiding forces when we navigate the Journey Home to our most vibrant and loving Self.

Where do you start? From acceptance. 

Where are you right now? How do you feel with the way you are leading your life? Inquire within your heart. 

What leads me astray from my core essence? In which situations do I find myself smiling, laughing and enjoying myself? 

I truly believe that our natural essence that unites us all is a vibration of Peace, Joy and Love.

Your Journey Home is not easy. 

You will be faced with multiple ego-deaths and will inevitably hurt those closest to you along the way. You will be tempted to go back to the comfort of the known, back into your familiar patters of people pleasing and perfectionism.

Let me drop a powerful Truth I’ve uncovered along my own path:

It doesn’t matter how much you do or say, the only validation of your worth comes from you. 

It it my deepest wish for everyone to realize this Truth. 

Do you accept yourself as you are or do you feel the need to mold yourself into what society (or family members or friends) wants you to become? 

There are people out there that want the best for you and that will support you in your endeavors. And there are people that won’t support or accept what you are doing. 

Arguably our biggest challenge as humans is stand in your Truth and choose our path. 

I am not saying that keeping your ears shut is the way to go. 


Instead, listen. 

Listen with your ears and heart. 

Give other’s an opportunity to be heard. 

Then choose what you want to keep and leave the rest and move on. 

You are not meant to live someone else’s life or become a slave of what other people think of you. 

Your journey is one of self-realization: of your gifts, of your worth, of your power. 

And yes, you will need to be OK with not having everyone on your side. That’s just part of Life’s test to see how how willpower you truly have to stand up and walk your own path regardless of what other’s think of you. 

I wish for you dear reader that create a life that feels authentic and soul-fulfilling. In tuned with the rhythm of your heart: doing what you love and loving what you do – full heartedly

Living from a space of Truth instead of ego reactions. 

Living with Loving Kindness instead of projected criticism and self-denial. 

Living with self-belief and trust in your natural unfolding as an ever-evolving Work of Art 

So whenever you feel doubt creeping in, whenever you feel yourself valuing other people’s opinions over yours, take a moment and drop into your Heart and inquire: “What is my Truth in this moment?” ,“What feels right to me”?

You are beautiful dear one.

You are enough.

You are more than enough.

Drop a comment below and let me know what resonated with you 🙂 

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