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Studio Yoga & Fitness Classes

Join me for in-person yoga and fitness classes in Ottawa at two locations:

Cattleya Yoga Studio & Manor Park Community Council

Summer Park Yoga Series | Awaken & Align

7-Week Journey Through The Chakra System

July 6, 13, 20, 27, Aug 3, 10, 17 


Beechwood Market, New Edinburgh Park, Ottawa

$150 for 7 classes OR $25 drop in

This Summer Park Yoga Series will be a 7-week immersive experience designed to awaken & align the 7 major chakras within your energy system. 
Each chakra represents a key aspect of your being. Each week we will dive into their qualities and how each energy center influences our life.
This is a holistic approach to healing from the inside-out, empowering you with self-knowledge and practices to align & awaken your whole system.
Through yoga asanas, breathing practices, mantras, mudras and meditations, we’ll work with the qualities associated with each chakra.


July 6th - ROOT


Create a solid foundation of safety from within through grounding to Mother Earth, releasing stress & anxiety.

July 13th - SACRAL


Awaken your creativity, release heavy emotions, and connect with the element of water.

July 20th - SOLAR PLEXUS


Build self-confidence, overcome self-doubt, empower yourself by igniting the fire within.

July 27th - HEART


Open your heart and breathe in love, compassion, and kindness into your relationship with self and others.

August 3rd - THROAT


Express your truth with clarity and vulnerability, focusing on the vibration of sound to awaken your voice

August 10th - THIRD EYE


Access our intuition, inspiration, allowing us to see and understand the inner and outer worlds.

August 17th - CROWN


Connect to your Higher Power to experience a sense of universal consciousness, wisdom, unity and self-knowledge.

Start your day feeling empowered, inspired & balanced

Pre-registration is required before the start of this series! Head over here to save your spot.
Once registered you will be prompted to e-transfer the class price to before the class.
We start July 6th at 7h45am! Please arrive 5-10min before to settle in 🙂

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