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1:1 Women Empowerment Mentorship

Coming Home to Your Divine Feminine Radiance

A private mentorship program for women who have started their awakening and inner work journey and are now craving personalized mentoring and support to dive deeper and rise higher.

This is for the Woman who: 

Desires to know her true, authentic self | Clarify what she wants and needs | Put herself first | Live in her Power | Create a life that makes her come alive.

This Woman is ready to:

Heal her relationship with herself | Clear what has been limiting, blocking and dimming her light, joy and radiance | Feel embodied and in alignment with the fullness of her Feminine Essence.

Our work will focus on inner child healing and harmonizing both your masculine and feminine energies so that you can come back to wholeness.

Together, we will work with a variety of somatic tools to heal wounds from the past so you can rise into the highest and brightest version of yourself.

You will be empowered to clear what has been holding you back & weighing you down and integrate new empowering practices & rituals into your life that will nourish you from the inside-out

You were meant to shine. It's time to rise.

Do you relate to any of the following?

•  You’ve been feeling lost, unclear, unfulfilled and disconnected from yourself but you’re unsure what is causing it and how to get back to feeling good.

•  You struggle with self-love and self-worth, and use self-sabotage behaviors such as binge eating, people pleasing, or perhaps over working to feel loved.

•  You find it hard to say No, implement boundaries, speak your truth and you find yourself giving away your time and energy to things that drain and deplete you.

•  You have a noisy, active mind which creates anxiety and overwhelm and makes it hard to hear your intuition and find clarity and answers with yourself.

•  You struggle to prioritize and make time for the self-care and self-connection practices that you know will nourish you and make you feel good.

•  You feel overwhelmed by your emotions and you find it hard to process them, or perhaps you feel numb and disconnected from your emotions and find yourself feeling nothing.

•  You’ve at times struggled to create healthy, loving relationships with others (or a partner) that feel nourishing, balanced and supportive.

She unleashed her inner Goddess and became the woman her soul knew she could be - Michelle Schafer

You don’t have to figure this all out by yourself or walk this journey alone.

Private Mentorship will accelerate your progress and give you the support you need to create the change you crave. 

You will no longer be stuck in your head, looping in circles trying to solve your challenges alone.

Instead, you will have your own personal guide, mentor and coach by your side guiding you, supporting you, pointing out your blind spots and showing you a path forward.

All the confusion and overwhelm will fall away as each session you will be able to work through, talk out and resolve any challenge, block, struggle or decision.

You will gain the personalized tools, resources, practices and guidance to finally create the shifts that you have been craving for years.

With this type of support, anything is possible.

To rise we must first dive into our shadow and alchemize our pain into power. Wounds become our wisdom.

You will receive 1:1 support with:

  Coming deeper into your body, so that you can feel your emotions, and channel your energy into authentic self-expression

  Balancing and harmonizing your inner feminine & masculine energies.

  Releasing patterns that weaken your power including people-pleasing, comparison, not speaking your truth and a lack of boundaries.

  Developing sacred rituals, routines and self-care practices that nourish you, fill you up from within and make you feel deeply loved.

  Building a strong, connecting, empowering and loving relationship with yourself where you are deeply in tune with your wants, needs and desires.

  Getting out of your head, dropping into your body and activating your heart energy for guidance.

  Finding a sense of inner calm, safety, wholeness and contentment.

  Releasing patterns that dim your light and radiance including self-criticism, self-judgment, guilt, shame and unworthiness.

  Awakening your divine feminine intuition so that your inner voice can guide your life. 

  Healing unresolved wounds and patterns from your inner child or your past.

  Claiming your hearts truest desires and using your creative power to bring them to life.

She is a wild, tangled forest with temples and treasures concealed within - John Mark Green

My 1:1 program includes:

√ A Pre-Program Intention Setting Workbook

When you join the program you will receive an Intention Setting Workbook which will have a range of questions to help you clarify what you want to gain from the program. Sophia will use this as a framework for your sessions to ensure you gain what you desire from the program.

√ 6 x 60 minute 1:1 Mentorship Sessions (via Google Meet or in person)

You will come together with Sophia every 2 weeks for your 1:1 Mentorship Sessions. In these sessions, you will receive transformative mentorship support, tools, practices, intuitive guidance and help from Sophia to break through what is holding you back and learn new ways of being.

√ Email Follow Up & Summary Notes

Sophia will send you a follow up email with a summary from your conversation along with relevant healing practices, journaling prompts and other resources to help you integrate your learnings.

√ Email support between sessions

You are welcome to email Sophia between your sessions to receive support, ask questions or share what you have been working on to help keep you on track.

√ Bonus Resources 

Over the course of 3 months, you will receive these resources: Inner Child Healing Meditation; Embrace Your Fear: A Journey to Alchemize Pain into Power; Prioritize Your Needs: The Key to Breaking Free from People-Pleasing.

Your feminine essence is wanting to emerge. Soften into your heart and allow her to come out.

My approach is Nature Inspired & Heart Empowered

I combine powerful questions, embodied healing practices, visualization, intuitive guidance and Nature to create a space that allows for deeper connection and insight into your truth.

I bring 7 years + of personal development work, providing me with invaluable wisdom lessons I’ve been able to integrate into my life – embodying the change I wish to see, and fully embracing being an eternal student of life.

My work focuses on addressing wounded masculine and feminine energies, self-love practices to deepen your relationship with yourself and practical embodiment work to amplify your confidence, worth, power and radiance.

This Mentorship Program is an activation into a higher and more empowered version of yourself. 

I am not here to heal or fix you, but rather guide you back into connection with the wholeness that already exists within.

During out time together, you must be willing to take full responsibility for your life, show up for your inner work and be ready to uplevel into your full potential.

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