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Full Moon Goddess Gathering

Women’s Healing Circles to Reclaim your Power through Authentic Expression and Connection

Next gathering: Monday September 16th 2024 (TBC)

Each time women gather in a circle with each other, the world heals a little more

Women Circles help us step out of ordinary times into a safe and accepting environment in which each of us can explore self-healing.

Every month we gather in Sisterhood to witness and speak our deep truths, remembering our connection to the elements, and our Divine Feminine nature.

With open hearts, we access our own inner guidance to understand where the greatest healing, in body, emotions, mind, and spirit, can occur.

With open minds, we work together to discover the best ways to remove obstacles that prevent us from showing up powerfully as our best Self.

We honor whatever is shared in the circle, and we don’t try to advise, fix, or save the other person. We Listen.

We enter this space to be with each other without judgment.

We practice empathy, compassion, and presence.

We connect with others who may also be experiencing similar challenges and emotions.

We allow and accept each other’s truth without comment.

Harness the Power of the Moon & Sacred Feminine Energy

Each circle will be themed around the zodiac sign that the moon is in that month. 

The new moon is a time for cleansing, clearing and resetting. It is thought to heighten the manifesting power of one’s intentions and desires. 

Connecting to this lunar energy can provide grounding and a sense of direction.

During the new moon it’s normal to feel low in energy, thus it’s a beautiful time for reflecting and recharging our batteries.

The Full moon is a time of the month when creativity, intuition, and energy are heightened.

The full moon is also a fertile phase in all aspects of your life (work & personal), where self-confidence and self-esteem increase in addition to sex drive. 

Tapping into the moon’s energy allows us the opportunity to gain clarity in our emotions while tapping into the collective intelligence and experience of the feminine.

Let us awaken to our own innate wisdom and creative energy.

With the full moon energy, we will connect and align to our heart chakra, releasing negativity, and prepare for a new chapter as the full moon gives way for the new moon. 

We will travel back to reflect on the past moon cycles/year, so that you empower yourselves with the wisdom gained, lessons learned, and opportunities met. 

We will look at your present and the needs that are left unmet, listen to the messages coming in from our ancestors, guides and connect with our heart’s desires.

We will look into the future to feel into our Soul’s next evolution, and what fears, obstacles and beliefs stand in the way of you living your Soul’s purpose.

Release experiences, traumas, conditionings, and beliefs that create chains around our heart.

What to expect

Dance, yin yoga, yoga nidra (depending on the moon’s energy)

Themed discussion on the month’s lunar energy

Journaling for reflection, clarity, and growth

Circle sharing & authentic relating

What you’ll need for the women’s circle

Your favorite crystals, and items that inspire you

Comfy clothing for movement & meditation

Your favorite journal and pen

An open mind & heart

Circle Agreements

1. We treat each other with kindness and respect.

2. We speak from our heart’s with honesty and intention.

3. We listen with compassion, curiosity and attention.

4. We trust each of us has the guidance we need within us.

5. We hold all stories shared in the circle as confidential.

6. We honor our own healing process and don’t presume to advise, fix or save one another.

Emerge from these circles feeling nourished, loved, confident, clear, and aligned. 

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