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Ayurvedic Holistic Healing

Individualized support to harmonize mind, body, heart & soul for optimal health & vitality

Ayurveda provides you with a customized and holistic approach to your health. It aims not only to treat the symptom, but most importantly the root cause of dis-ease. 

Ayurveda recognizes that each person is unique, and what works for one individual may not work for another. 

By identifying your dosha (your mind body constitution), you gain insight into your specific constitution and can tailor your lifestyle, diet, and wellness practices to suit your needs.

Ayurveda provides guidelines for daily routines and lifestyle choices that are specific to your dosha. 

These choices impact your energy levels, sleep quality, emotional well-being and even how you interact in relationships.


Ayurveda teaches us that most, if not all, disease begins in the mind. When we pollute our mind

with thoughts that cause worry, sadness or any other lower emotion, we put ourselves into a state of dis-ease.

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian holistic healing system that considers the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit

By knowing your dosha, you can address imbalances at all these levels (emotional, mental, physical & spiritual) and achieve a more harmonious state of well-being.

Understanding your dosha empowers you with an inner guiding map to make informed choices to promote a state of vitality, balance, and harmony.

You will be equipped with essential self-knowledge in order to make choices that will support your unique constitution, prevent imbalances, for sustainable and life time healing.

When we study and practice Ayurveda, we are doing the best we can for ourselves to be on the path of perfect health.

When we study and practice yoga, we are usually on the path to finding and achieving enlightenment.

Ayurveda as a Sister Science to Yoga

Ayurveda is a science that helps us understand our personal rhythms and the rhythms of this world. 

It’s often called the sister science to yoga as it’s said that Ayurveda and yoga are meant to be practiced together. 

We can understand yoga as a practice that helps us tune into our soul and connect to the divine. 

It can help us understand the nature of our mind and access our heart so we can remember who we really are. 

Ayurveda helps us understand this body we are born with and how it works in this world. 

Ayurveda helps us understand matter, the world, and the elements that make it up. 

It allows us to live in this world while having a connection to our soul.

When we are balanced in our body, mind, and spirit through Ayurveda, 

we can connect more deeply to our yoga asana, meditation, and pranayama practices.

What to expect from our time together?

Diet, nutrition, self-care, lifestyle, and herbal recommendations tailored to your current state of imbalance.

Deeper understanding of your tendencies, bringing to light where you are living out of alignment with your natural essence. 

Personalized self-care practices that address energetic imbalances and promote harmony in your mind, body and soul.

Structure and guidance for daily and seasonal rituals and routines that support and cultivate your authentic essence.

Types of recommendations

1. Foods to favor, reduce or avoid along with recipes

2. Daily and seasonal routines & rituals

3. Aroma & chromo & sound therapies

4. Stress reduction techniques

5. Yoga postures, breath exercises

Addressing the root cause of dis-ease through movement, food, herbs, mindfulness and rituals

The intention is to help you achieve balance and harmony in your life, and to promote wholeness & wellness through natural healing

By treating the root causes of your health concerns rather than just the symptoms, you are empowered to achieve long-lasting health and well-being. 

The tools we will use in everything we do together is a combination of movement, breathing techniques, diet, herbs and mindfulness practices.

Initial Consultation

Discover your Dosha and current state of imbalance
$ 222
  • 1-90min consultation assessment
  • 1 personalized wellness guidebook
  • 1-60min follow up after one month
  • Overview of Ayurvedic principles

Support Package

Get consistent support and track your progress
$ 444
  • 1-90-min consultation assessment
  • 1 personalized wellness guidebook
  • 3-60min weekly follow ups
  • Overview of Ayurvedic principles

Ongoing Support

Follow-up consultations are encouraged to help you develop and reinforce healthier habits and routines.

Opt for a 4-session package as an opportunity to provide ongoing support to help you sustain steady progress and results for your longterm wellness goals.

We may build on what’s been established, adjust your wellness plan, or address new health concerns, and add to the current recommendations.

Some areas we may choose to focus on in your follow up sessions are:‍ 

Lifestyle – Exploring your lifestyle & habits that impact your energy, mood and overall wellbeing

Behaviors – Identifying the behaviors that are contributing to your current health challenges

Consciousness – Uncovering your hidden obstacles and resistance to making behavior changes

Relationships – Identifying areas in your relationships that hinder your health and wellbeing

**Opt for a yoga class for your follow ups!

“Your Body Is Precious. It is Your Vehicle For Awakening. Treat it With Care” – Buddha

The first step to a healthier, more balanced life is getting clear on where you are and where you want to be. 

During our 30min together, we’ll take the time to explore your wellness goals and discuss what type of service is right for you.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: If you suffer from childhood trauma, you can gain many benefits from the self-care practices that will be offered to you through our time together. However, if you suffer from acute or deeply rooted trauma (ie: sexual abuse, car accident) it is advised that you consult and work with a trauma-informed specialist in order to get the best out of your healing. 

**Recommendations and referrals to mental health specialists and other health care providers will be given when appropriate.

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