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Feel Yourself to Free Yourself | 4-Step Model

For the past decade, my story has been one of swimming deep in my sea of emotions, oftentimes finding myself drowning. Yet it’s in those moments of seeing myself crumble on the floor, wail at the moon, stomp on the ground and dance like a raging tiger, that the magic happened. 

All the pain I was not allowing myself to feel, choosing to hide it with food and over-exercising served it’s purpose. Until I was told in the hospital that I either changed my habits or I would have to be hospitalized. 

That was 8 years ago. 

Now, I find myself with a healthy relationship with food, my body and who I am. And they are all related. And all of my transformation could not have happened if I did not have the willingness and courage to dive into my shadows.

To walk straight into the fire and burn off all the insecurities I had accumulated – the deepest one being not feeling good enough. 

Oh yes, that wound cuts deep. 

The greatest healing came through my openness to feel the pain – fully, without resistance. 

  • Feeling the pain as a gateway into the deepest desires of my Soul
  • Expressing the pain through intuitive, body-led movement, breath and sound
  • Being with the experience for as long as it takes to watch the pain turn into passion
  • Finding the courage to surrender into the cradle of Mother Earth’s embrace
  • Resting in stillness and silence in my heart oracle – empty, yet fully alive. 

Yeah. My healing process was messy.

I’m still not where I want to be, but with grace, compassion, devotion and patience, I keep picking back up the pieces that were left behind, reconnecting back to the Woman I was always meant to be.

I’ve devoted my Life to share my unique Magic and craft, weaving my own tapestry of Light & Love from the strings and fabric I’ve gathered from the years past and still to this present day. 

Through a passion and thirst to live life fully and explore the fullest expression of my Divinity, I choose to embrace the crunchy, uncomfortable, destabilizing, raw, real and authentic experiences, as I know that they provide me a portal to reconnect with my true essence. 

I’m here to share with you how you too can alchemize your shadows in Light. 

This simple 4-part model has supported me in the transmutation of heavy, stagnant energy, and has led me to insights, revelations and energetic releases that words cannot explain. For it’s the deep inner knowing that emerges when one has faced the dark.

And what comes out on the other end? 

  • A deeper devotion to self-care
  • Stronger attunement to my heart
  • Honoring of my boundaries
  • Releasing the need to control as I know I’m always guided 
  • Stronger self-trust
  • Awakening to my goddess radiance

I’m excited to be sharing with you this powerful healing model to the courageous and committed women I serve dearly and whole-heartedly. 

To help them face their fears, feel their pain, ignite their inner fire and uproot the weed garden of “not being enough” into a beautiful, colorful flower garden that radiate the energy of Love, peace and grace. 

Are you one of these women? 

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