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Becoming the Creator of your Reality

Who do I need to be in order to create what I want?

For me, it’s someone who is self-assured, confident, trusting, patient and devoted.

Definitely not someone who tries to control every situation, worried about what others will think, planning every single move, and getting stressed about the details. 

Life has led me down a path of devotion, trust and surrender.

Into a deeper attunement, reverence and honoring of the wisdom of my body temple.

Between feeling the full spectrum of emotions and resting in the silent lull of my heart, profound insights have come with living on the edge of pure bliss and hitting rock bottom.

The biggest nudge I’ve gotten from the Universe has been to follow and trust my inner guidance.

By following through with the hunches I feel from within, I find my biggest treasure and ally, my heart, that guides my every decisions – from the people I hang out with to the food I will choose to eat. 

It’s a feeling.

And like any feeling, it has to be felt and experienced to embody its wisdom.

Don’ try to understand it on a cognitive level (trust me, I have tried).

You see, there used to be a constant battle going on within me, one that left me feeling torn and paralyzed in my decisions.

My ego mind would want to protect me and tell me I wasn’t good enough or needed to do more or learn more before doing what I wanted to do. I thought I needed to prove myself, to strive for more, to be validated for my worth, to feel good enough in who I was being and what I was doing. 

This voice was loud and overbearing.

My wounded masculine was aching, needing to be validated, pushing me, forcing me to continue grinding, over-working in fear of not being good enough, until physical symptoms became too strong to ignore.

All the while my feminine essence was begging me to slow down, chill out, rest and play. In tandem, my heart was in the background, echoing cries of my Soul, yearning to break free.

My resistance to trusting my heart and body soon led way to an opening that I could never close myself off to again.

An opening to soften, surrender and trust.

Now I find myself growing a business as an eager yogipreneur, and in tandem I continue to mend the wounds of my heart, picking back up the remaining pieces of myself that have been shamed.

I’ve had to face this inner struggle again.

The longing to serve, lead, direct, organize, produce, achieve, shine.

My masculine energy going strong, yet also tending to its wounds…

And the longing to dance, play, sing, laugh, have fun and enjoy the various pleasures of life.

My feminine energy reminding me to lay back and become a magnet to my heart’s deepest desires through my radiance.

It’s not about choosing one or the other: It’s about integrating and embracing both into your life.

The masculine becomes my safe container that allows my feminine essence to flourish. 

To me, the Art of Being Well and creating a fulfilling and authentic life, stems from my ability to follow moment to moment guidance from my body. It comes from honoring my body’s ever-changing nature and the omnipresent vibration of Love in my heart.

The Art of Being Well is Heart-empowered and Nature-inspired.

Too often do we spend more time in our heads, listening to voices that are not even ours, voices of those who project their fears onto us – usually those closest to us…that over time, we adopt as our own.

No longer am I to be influenced by external factors. Too much power is given to those voices. 

I am a person that learns by doing and being. 

Doing what feels aligned and authentic to me, and being the person I most admire

I learn by trial and error and I question a lot.

I question the way things are done, the way people think, move, behave, react.

I question Everywhere. 

I became curious to my own experience and asked: “What role am I playing here”? How is my energy creating this reality?”, “Do I enjoy this?”, “What can I do to change my reality”?

I started to play by my own rules and create my own sand box. No… I can’t be contained in a sandbox.

So I chose the Ocean.

To swim in the wide open, to get lost and find myself again.

To dive into my depths is my realm. 

And now I am being called to rise. To choose to have feet instead of fins. 

To walk on solid Earth. To feel the sun. To allow my radiance to shine. 

To become a magnet to my heart’s deepest desires. 

To live with my heart open.

To love with my eyes closed. 

Do I lose my balance and want to go back into the sea? Yes. The waves bring me back in from time to time, still cleaning up debris from the past.

Yet I find myself back washed up on the shore, cleansed, lighter and more refreshed then before.  

My feminine essence rejoices when I loosen my grip on rigid structures and “to dos”, allowing her to explore, fall, get back up, dance, cry…leaving a trail of flowers behind her. 

To me, the most important is how I want to feel on the path to realizing my wildest dreams. 

On shore, there are so many mountains and peaks to climb. I choose to let my heart guide the way.

I let me feminine essence be my compass and my masculine my stable feet.

And together they work together to bring me where I need to be.

Everyday I choose to feel grounded, inspired, present and kind. 

I choose to allow myself moments of rest, with no outcome or goal in mind. 

I give myself Grace. So much Grace.

I choose to awaken (and reawaken) to the flow of Love. 

Especially when I don’t feel particularly inspired.

I know it’s part of the process. I choose to lay back and enjoy watching the world go by. 

I do not force, I honor my cycles and rhythms, just like Nature has her own pace and cycles. 

Instead of pushing and forcing myself to continue pumping out content and building, I choose to go out in Nature and just sit and stare in awe of the beauty that surrounds me.

Remembering my connection to all.  

I remember to trust divine timing.

The more I devote to following my body and heart, the more expansive and empowered I feel. 

And so I choose to grow my business not from an energy of hustle, grind, non-stop doings, chasing down contracts, forcing outcomes…

I choose the path of ease, flow, intuition, receptivity, devotion and harmony. 

I choose inspired actions that are aligned with my authentic nature. 

This doesn’t only go for people who are choosing the path of entrepreneurship.

This goes for everyone. Whether you are in corporate, NGO or government. 

You get to choose how you will lead your life. 

-How do you want to show up and live your life? 

-What qualities do you want to embody? 

-How do you want to feel every single day?

Sometimes this means taking the path that doesn’t make logical sense but on a deeper level you are guided to.

Move from that space and life will start to reflect that back to you.

Be willing to slow down, create space, feel, listen to your heart, alchemize your emotions. 

Be open to do things differently. 

To walk your own path. 

And dance to the rhythm of your own heartbeat. 

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