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What is she?

What is she?

If she is not the rain drops on the leaves

If she is not the wild wind that tangles my hair

If she is not the radiance of the morning light

If she is not the smell of fresh dew after a rainfall

If she is not the rumble of thunder and flash of lighting in the sky

If she is not the sweet smell of a fragrant rose bush 

If she is not the soothing song of the morning dove 

If she is not the gentle river stream or powerful ocean waves

If she is not the relentlessly hard working ant or hungry rabbit 

Then, what is she? 

She is the pause after the inhale AND the inhale

She is the eye of the hurricane AND the hurricane 

She is the cruising wave AND the whole wide ocean.

She cannot be labelled for nothing can describe her.

She is everything and nothing all at once.

Truth is what she seeks.

Every day that passes is confirming my Soul’s purpose here on Earth: to allow the flow of love to guide me to experience the deepest sense of connection with the Divine both within and all around me. 

Experiences cannot be put into words for the state of being cannot be contained within an identity, thought or even idea. It just is. 

It’s freedom. 

Freedom to live. 

Freedom to love. 

Freedom to express. 

Freedom to be the woman who I was born to be.

Often I think I should have more of a structure or plan in the way I present myself online or in person. 

But the truth is, this is me. 

My heart speaks to me in the now, and my intuition guides me spontaneously. 

Downloads emerge and what I need to say comes through at the right time.

My lesson is to trust even more my intuition and surrender myself to Source energy, remembering that there is a higher timeline and a bigger plan that I cannot yet see.

Trusting myself is my daily practice helps me stay in my heart and at peace. 

I stop planning so much and instead, choose to allow the flow of consciousness to come through. 

I become an open channel, where my vessel connects Earth & Sky energies, merging in my heart center where I rest. 

My heart, the seat of my Queendom and higher wisdom, the place where my truth resides.

When I allow myself to be fully present and witness myself as everything and nothing, expanding and contracting, revealing and concealing – this is where I remember the non-dual reality of my existence.

One moment I can sense my own transcendental Self, and then the next I am back in my physical body, feeling the very rawness of my human experience, tears streaming down my cheeks.

Experiencing the Divine within me has brought me to my knees as I slowly chip away at the armor I’ve held around my heart. 

Experiencing my emotions in their full aliveness has been the biggest portal to awaken me to deeper truths and connections to Source energy of pure love.

And so I continue to dance the eternal dance of creation and destruction with every sunrise and sunset, awakening to new possibilities and putting to bed what no longer serves.

And yet the question still remains. What am I? 

That is the magic and mystery of life. 

Forever a student. Forever a teacher. 

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