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Don’t Give Up On Yourself

Carving your own path is not for the faint hearted.

It takes courage, self-belief, devotion, patience and trust.

How many times have I been turned down? I’ve lost count.

Do I feel down when I don’t get what I want (or thought I wanted)? Yes.

Sometimes the blows are easier to handle.

Sometimes, when it’s something you thought was super aligned, it tends to hurt more.

Our egos are fragile. 

It’s too easy to take the “hit” as a direct reference of who we are, leading us down a slippery slope into feelings of not being enough…

Yet the truth is that you are enough. You’ve always been enough.

This Truth should never be argued. Ever.

What I’ve learned along my journey of carving my path as a yogipreneur is that you have to be willing to get uncomfortable.

>To handle the “nos” with grace

>To get outside your comfort zone and do the thing that scares you most

>To see your missteps as opportunities to address, assess and realign your thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Especially when you thought you were onto something, to find the window shut down just as you were going to take a whiff of fresh air.

…Only to turn around and see that another door was wide open.

As I process life’s bumps along the way, I tune into my body for wisdom and healing and transformation.

I allow myself to feel everything.

The anger, pain and sadness when they arise.

Without resistance, I let it all flow.

Punching the pillow, wailing, crying, shaking, rolling, dancing.

I feel the raw and alive energy making its way through and out of my body.

I choose to stay in the transformative fire long enough to empty myself of what is old, stuck and stagnant.

And then,I get back up. 

You see, the closing doors are just the Universe realigning you to something greater. 

You just have to be able to see it as a blessing, turn your energy back inwards, to re-asses your motivations, uncover hidden truths and re-align your actions to meet your Heart’s deepest desires. 

It all comes down to one question: What do I really want? What will that give me?

Deep down we know what we want. At the core of our Being we all hold innate intelligence.

We are just afraid.

Afraid we don’t have enough qualifications, time, money, experience – you name it. I’ve felt it all. 

So when you have an idea or vision that sounds scary and too “out there”, yet you feel your body respond “F*** yes!” before you can even think of an excuse….Lean in and take imperfect action.

Those are the moments when you want to step in and walk straight through your fears.

This is what builds self-trust. And self-trust builds self-belief. And self-belief feeds into your self-worth.

And self-worth is directly related to your feelings of “not being enough”.

And even when the result of your efforts is received with a “no”, you know it’s not a reflection of you, because you already know your worth.

>You know your dreams are worthy of being manifested.

>You know your voice deserves to be heard.

>You know your gifts deserve to be seen.

You know you have value to share just by being You.

Sometimes, we are just in the wrong space, surrounded by the wrong people, at the wrong time.

The invitation is one of radical self-trust and belief in our ability to manifest anything into this 3D reality.

To trust divine timing with patience, compassion, surrender and devotion.

The Universe works in magical and mystical ways. 

Focus on your craft, on your passion, on what light’s you the F*** up. 

And do never give up on yourself. 

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