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Life is but a Test.

We are faced with so many challenges in life, and each presents an opportunity to grow and evolve into a higher version of ourselves. We become the observer and witness of how our external environment is impacting our internal peace, we begin to see how many of our decisions have been made in regards to what you have seen, heard or felt from external forces.

In the difficult, turbulent moments of our lives, we are called to reconnect with our inner peace, stabilize our emotions, find stillness in our bodies and space in our mind. 

Becoming an Unshakable Force of Nature invites us to be present to the moment and respond in a way that is congruent with our values, to our truth, instead of reacting mindlessly.

When we learn to center ourselves in the now, we create our own energy safe bubble, or how I like to call it “the eye of the hurricane“, where all the noise, distractions and hustle bustle of Life seems to not hold such a grip on us anymore.

Once we have brought ourselves in a state of equanimity, only then can we truly act in a way that is congruent with our highest Self and can become the leaders of our lives and show up authentically.

Ofter subconsciously we are looking for something out there or to somebody for validation & approval, to feel worthy & loved. And in doing so, we go create more and more distance from our truest authentic Self. We make decisions that are not soul-aligned, we shy out of opportunities that bring us out of our comfort zone, and stay in relationships that are toxic and unhealthy.

We limit ourselves from our true potential, from sharing our beautiful unique gifts to the world. 

Becoming unshakable means that no matter what happens out there, we know we are worthy and loved.

You can’t be a force of nature if you base your value on the results you get from an experience. A force of nature is undiminishable, irreducible, unconditionally worthy.

The foundation for this is natural confidence. The kind of confidence that comes from the inside-out, not the outside-in, and allows you to:

-Accept who you are, weirdness and quirks, and stop beating yourself up for any weaknesses

Know and honor what matters to you most

Have the courage to be who you are over fitting in or pleasing everyone

-Understand that your value is inherent and unconditional

Trust yourself to stretch and grow and be uncomfortable

Here are a few tips to become unshakable

  1. Protect your energy bubbleStart thinking of your natural energy as a bubble that constantly surrounds you. The only thing that can let anything into that energy bubble is you. 

To avoid the knee-jerk negative reaction, take that event and assign a different meaning to it.

Here are 4 basic questions to help you flip the script:

  1. Is it true?
  2. Can you absolutely know it’s true? 
  3. How do you react – what happens when you believe that thought?
  4. Who would you be without the thought? 

2. Don’t argue with what is – We have a very hard time accepting that the world didn’t play out how we thought it would. In other words, when you spend a ton of time crying about things in the past the only thing you’re actually accomplishing is wasting your precious energy.

Of course allowing ourselves to grieve or even feel angry is normal and healthy. But remember that this energy needs (and wants) to be released from your body, or else it will manifest in overall dis-ease (indigestion, trouble sleeping, irritability, lack of energy, muscle tension etc.)

3. Stop seeking external validation – Far too many of us rely on the external world in order to feel good about ourselves. But this is just a trick of our own ego. When someone approves of us, it allows us to approve of ourselves. But what that’s really saying is that you value other people’s opinions above your own.

Anytime we give our own power away like this, we lose control of our own narrative.

Because when the source of the validation disappears, so do our feel-good feelings. The only real antidote to seeking validation is to cultivate true self-love. 

4. Recognize what is out of your control – Repeat after me: Other people’s shit, doesn’t have to become your shit! You simply cannot control what people think or how they behave. But you always have control over how you view yourself, how you view the world and how you act.

For example, when someone treats you poorly, you must remember that those actions are on them. You get to decide what to do with it and how to react to it. But that’s it. You never get to control their part of the equation.

5. Let go of expectations – Learning to let things go is a super-power all on its own. And this level of becoming unshakable usually does not happen over night. Negative reactions will happen so it’s important to be gentle with yourself. When you start to go into reaction mode, take a deep breath and try to at least hold back your outer reaction.

With that being said, it’s definitely okay to feel your feelings! Acknowledge them for what they are but also try to realize what has triggered you. 

Everything is here to teach us something but there’s no need to hold on after you’ve learned the lesson.

Once you’ve felt the feelings for a while (through journaling, meditation, crying, talking), then it’s time to let it go. This way you are no longer escalating the situation and bringing that negative reaction into the rest of your day.

Our own attitude creates our energy–and in turn our reality.

Take that moment to pause between the experience and the thought, between the thought and the emotion, between the emotion and the actions and you will begin to see the Unshakableness emerge from you.

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