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Rising Lotus

A 3-month group program to alchemize your pain into Power

For either a one month or two month period, we will go deep together to develop the skills, attitudes, and behaviors necessary to live a more fulfilling and authentic life.

We will use a range of strategies, tools and resources to help you move from an energy of fear into Love.

Some of the tools and techniques we will use include contemplation, intuitive movement, breathwork, voice activation, and nature.

Release yourself from the chains of the past and step into the embodiment of your most Divine Essence

My greatest healing came through my openness to feel my pain fully without resistance.

It’s in those moments of seeing myself crumble on the floor, wail at the moon, stomp on the ground and dance like a raging tiger, that the magic happened.

All the pain I was not allowing myself to feel, choosing to hide it with food and over-exercising surfaced in those moments on the floor.

It was my ability to walk straight into the fire and burn off all the insecurities I had accumulated, which ultimately liberated me.

I’m here to share with you how you too can alchemize your shadows in Light.

Feeling the pain as a gateway into the deepest desires of my Soul

Expressing the pain through intuitive, body-led movement, breath and sound

Being with the experience for as long as it takes to watch the pain turn into passion

Finding the courage to surrender into the cradle of Mother Earth’s embrace

F.E.E.L. 4-Step Model

F – Face your Fear
E – Express your Pain
E – Empower the Heart
L – Liberate your Soul

This simple 4-part model has supported me in the transmutation of heavy, stagnant energy, and has led me to insights, revelations and energetic releases that words cannot explain. 

For it’s the deep inner knowing that emerges when one has faced the dark that provides us the insights and guidance we need to move forward.

Moving through this 4-step process, you can expect to gain the following invaluable experiences:

A deeper connection and reverence for your body

Stronger attunement to the wisdom and guidance of your heart

Honor and respect for your energetic boundaries

Releasing the need to control and entering into a space of trust

A sense of lightness and freedom in remembering your Divine Essence


Move from the energy of Fear into Love and step into life feeling confident, alive and free.

Container Outline

Month 1: Address your Inner Child

Our first month revolves around creating inner safety through addressing our wounded inner child. This is where we do some shadow work, nervous system regulation and prepare ourselves to have a conversation with parts of ourselves that have gone suppressed for far too long.

Practices include:

Deep listening & holding space; Anchoring in the body; Parasympathetic nervous system; Pranayama; Journalling 

Month 2: Alchemize your Pain

Our second month will be focused around emotional release. This is where we begin to decipher the language of our emotions as sensations in our bodies. We will learn techniques on how to move out stuck and stagnant energy into creative self-expression.

Practices include:

Shaking, Intuitive Dancing, Wailing, Stomping, Singing, Play, free flow writing, drawing

Month 3: Activate your Power

Our third month is all about stepping into our power by cultivating the confidence and courage to take inspired action. Gone are the people pleasing days. We are now teaching others how to interact with us and choosing what we allow in our physical and emotional field.

Practices include:

Setting healthy boundaries; Feeling your boundaries in your body; Identify your needs and wants; Activating your “no”

What you will gain from this 3 month journey

1. A safe space to be seen and heard in your truth

2. A deeper connection with your emotional body

3. Identify limiting belief systems and thought patterns.

4. Insight into your behavioral patterns

5. Acquire techniques to regulate your nervous system

6. Reclaim your voice and communicate your needs clearly

7. Compassionate accountability along your journey of self-transformation

Own your truth and reclaim your power

With me as your guide, we will co-create a space in your body to fully process the areas of your life where you have been numbing, hiding, controlling and in fear. 

The depth of your experience will depend on how willing you are to hear, speak and feel your truth. 

Throughout our time together, you are being invited to take full responsibility for the truth that lies beneath the masks we wear.

Release yourself from fear, guilt and shame and open up to connection, intimacy and love

The more honest & open we are to get to the root cause of our fears and pains, the more of a chance we have of healing the fragmented aspects of ourself.

Through our time together you will be given the space to feel & express your Truth, giving all parts of you a place to be seen, acknowledged, heard and understood.

From the mind, to the body, to the heart, we become bridges of connection to the richness and aliveness that lives within us all.

Coming soon in 2025

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