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Empowering Women to Respect their Truth, Reclaim their Power and Create a Life that Honors Their Divine Feminine Radiance.

Inspired by Nature, Nourished through the Heart


Healing occurs when we have the courage to face our fears and wounds with compassion and love.


I lived for most part of my 20s through this fear and acted in a way that was self-sabotaging and detrimental to not only my health and wellbeing, but that of those around me.

Triggered by a relationship breakup in my late teens, my favorite coping mechanism was food and exercise. Consuming and abusing of these two substances made me feel good – for a short while.

However I soon found myself trapped by them in a vicious cycle that I couldn’t get out of. I would over-exercise, then over-eat and repeat. This patter went on for about 6 years.

Fast forward to my late 20s, my awakening came after, yet again, another relationship breakup. This time around though I knew something had to shift.

This is when I delved into the world of yoga, finding community along the way with like-minded soul sisters who were also searching for something. Peace. Love. Joy.

I dove deep into some “soul-searching” work, investing time, energy and money in my self-development. I went to two yoga teacher trainings, hired a life coach, read numerous books, signed up for various workshops and online courses in holistic wellness with the intention to get down to the core of my suffering and limiting behavioral patterns.

I wanted to be free.

And what I soon found out was that I was the only one that could set myself free.

Like so many of us, when I was living in fear, I was trying to look for love and some sort of comfort somewhere outside of myself, only to be led back to my center. To my Heart.

I was trying to fill the gap that had severed me from my Soul. And filling it with food and exercise was not the answer.

Once I got back in touch with my Heart, I realized how much I had neglected myself and had not known the Truth of my being, of my own needs, of my desires, of my fears and dreams. 

Deep in the depths of my Heart, my truth emerged: what I heard was a cry for love, acceptance and connection.

Through my pain and lessons learned, I birthed During the pandemic came along The Art of Being Well – A sacred space that empowers and inspires women to live in alignment with the fullest expression of their natural essence.

The Art of Being Well’s essence is truly about remembering who you are.

Before your childhood trauma, before your were told what to do and what not to do, before you thought that your voice didn’t matter, before you were afraid of what of what other people thought.

The Art of Being Well is all about reclaiming your Truth & Power.

The Power of choice.

The Power in your voice.

The Power in your presence.

The Power in your silence.

The Truth in your Heart.

It’s about living a life that feels authentic and soul-fulfilling. One in which you are rooted in your body, connected with your heart and in harmony with Nature and those around you.

The Art of Being Well is not promoting a dogmatic approach on how you should live your life.

Its approach is one that promotes responsibility, ownership and empowerment for taking back the reins of your wellbeing.

For no one can ever give you your peace, love and joy. You have to reclaim it and embody it.

To become the change you wish to see.

The Art of Being Well is about approaching life with curiosity, openness and integrity.

Moving gently, connected with our hearts and values, and making the changes we feel are necessary that help us live as close to our values and true selves as we can.

We begin learn how to listen to our inner voice and follow through with its soft guidance to help us navigate life, so that you can show up as your most vibrant Self: Awakened, Authentic & Free.

The world needs more you and is waiting your return. The question is: Are you ready?

Hi, I'm Sophia!

I facilitate experiences that empower women to reclaim their truth & power.

As we open up to the divinity that lies within, embracing all of our pieces, and standing in our wholeness, we can begin to heal ourselves, and in turn, the world around us. 

Together we will learn how to embrace life’s ups & downs and its ever-changing nature, embracing all emotions as divine messages from the Heart, and embody higher states of being through self-love, compassion, patience, and kindness. 

If you are ready to rise up to your fullest potential as a human Being, be prepared to go deep as I’ll guide you on a Journey back Home: Back to your most vibrant essence.

With my support you will learn how to safely ground into your body, face your fears, address your limiting beliefs, feel all your feelings, and listen to your heart’s whispers

So that you can bring forward your Truth and walk forward with clarity as you take inspired, soul-aligned action steps. 

Create a life that is in devotion to the fullest expression of your Divine Feminine Essence

By partnering with me you will gain…


Higher levels of SUSTAINED ENERGY throughout the day 

Setting HEALTHY BOUNDARIES for yourself 

ALIGNMENT with your Truth and inner knowing 

CLARITY on what is truly important to you

Increased CONFIDENCE in making decisions 



I can support you in…


Recognizing your limiting beliefs and behaviors

Identifying your core values

Connecting & listening to your body’s innate intelligence

Releasing & regulating your emotions

Opening up to your heart’s deepest desires

Establishing a healthy relationship with your body

Creating healthy habits that support your goals 

Community Love


My wish for you, dear reader, is that you live up to your full potential. We might have forgotten this, but as Human Beings, our natural state is pure joy, love, and peace. Its time to let your light shine from the inside out, showing up as the best version of you no matter the uncontrollable, ever-changing external circumstances. By partnering with me as your guide to inner transformation, you will be inviting into the depths of your Soul to re-acquaint yourself with who you truly are. This is Your Journey Home, where you will awaken to your innate power, transcend your ego, face your fears, release yourself from guilt and shame, so that you can bring more of You into the world. 

Guiding Values

CONNECTION: Connecting with your body, listening to it, and honoring its needs. Connecting with your emotions, understanding where they come from, what they are communicating and how to regulate them. Connecting with Mother Earth, appreciating the abundance that lives and breathes around us. Connecting with your Self, understanding your needs, setting healthy boundaries, tuning into your Truth, living from your heart, leaning into what brings Joy to your life. Connecting with other humans beings and forging healthy strong relationships. 

AUTHENTICITY: Being true to yourself. Living in alignment with your core values and with the beautiful Being that you are. Feeling comfortable with expressing and sharing your unique gifts to the world. Becoming unshakable, walking your path regardless of what society tells you you “should” do. 

AWARENESS: Awareness of your body’s signals of distress, emotions running wild, distorted stories created in your mind, behavioral patterns. Cultivating presence, being the witness of your experiences. Exploring the depth of your Nature. Being attentive to the whispers of your Soul that say “YES” and those that say “NO”. What makes you smile, what brings you joy, what creates energy inside of you and also what drains you of it?  

EMPOWERMENT: Taking action from a place of equanimity. Trusting your intuition. Knowing your worth. Making decisions from a place of love and not fear. Remembering that only you hold the key to your Freedom, only you hold the answers to your questions, and only you know what is best for you and your life. 

This may sound like you...


  • High-achieving, ambitious and driven
  • Critical and judgmental to others and to yourself
  • Have reached a stage of disenchantment with your path in life
  • Wish to recover your energy, vitality and inspiration
  • Are generally in your masculine “doing” energy and find it hard to just “be”.
  • Feel rush and pressed with time 
  • Prone to burnout, often over-working or over-charging your schedule
  • Cannot properly relax even when you set time aside to “relax”
  • Find yourself often in your head and disconnected from your body
  • Are very empathetic and sensitive and find your energy being depleting through others
  • Often place the needs of others before yours and may feel a bit resentful
  • Struggle to incorporate and maintain healthy habits
  • Feel held back, blocked or restricted, yet know you have a lot more to offer this world
  • Ready to re-discover what it means like to feel alive and in love with life.

“I am not here to tell you what to do. I’m here to guide you back to your own Heart, so that you can remember your own ability to create Heaven on Earth.

You are the Medicine you’ve been seeking.”

Credentials & Trainings

Anuttara – PROGRAMS: Shielding, Fortifying and Sharing Energy; Living From the Heart, Tantric Path of Awakening

Mana Mei – PROGRAM: Liberation Through Movement Online Immersion

JAI Wellness – TRAINING: 300hr Advanced Holistic Yoga Teacher Training; PROGRAMS: Yoga for Mental & Emotional Health; Wisdom & Wellbeing 

Doron Yoga – TRAINING: 200hr Vinyasa/Ashtanga yoga teacher training

Erickson Coaching International – TRAINING: Art & Science of Coaching Program

Rising Woman – PROGRAM: Become Your Own Astrologer 

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